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System Development

¥ Expertise in system development
¥ Choose any service needed for your project.
¥ Features of Chassis/Mechanical design service

We provide total service including Schematic development, PCB design, Case design, Manufacturing, and System soft development.
ENot enough time product development
EWant to supplement In-house development resource
EWant to utilize State-of-the-art technology
EWant to order prototype and production together
EWant to minimize the size of the product
EProduct development is at the standstill
PWB supports your "Time to Market"management
We utilize the latest technologies in network control FPGA/various device development, and software development to support your ideas and projects. Our total services from design to assembly/inspection will support smooth shift from prototype to production, reducing the time to get your product out on the market. Transition to mass production is supported by our group enterprises and technological partner enterprises.

Expertise in system development

Network SolutionsEImage processing systemERemote monitoring systemESecurity system
¡ Embedded Systems
¡ Hardware design technology (CPU)
Renesas (H8, SH), Motorola(MPC860), TI/DSP, NEC/Cypress : EzUSB
Altera:Stratix / CycloneCXILINXFVertex IV / Spartan/ Kintex
¡ Software design technology
Realtime control technology, Embedded firmware:C/C++, Assembler
¡ Network technologies
¡ IP full wire processing technology
¡ Ethernet technology

10Gbps compatible
¡ Protocol processing technology
Routing software
¡ Network control technology
¡ Network evaluation technology
Traffic transmission quality
(delay, packet loss)
¡ Network monitoring, problems, performance
¡ Specified low power radio station technology
WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC

Choose any service needed for your project.

Choose any service needed for your project.

Features of Chassis/Mechanical design service

Chassis need to be designed with the consideration for EMC, heat measures, and how PCB mounts. By utilizing the common data base, we optimize the design process. We also support Thermal Analysis and Electric wave measurement with our valued business partner. For Thermal Analysis and EMC, we work with outside services to help you acquire Safety Certificate.
Features of Chassis/Mechanical design service