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Design of PCB for electronics appliances was our beginning. JapaneseEnglish
Policy  Vision


Based on ISO14000,we strive to be the group of people that contribute to the Society.
Based on ISO14000, we strive to be the group of people that contribute to the Society and Environmental Protection through Electronic Industries Association.

Basics matters
1.Observance of Environmental Laws (Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Noise)
2.Review product material, parts and equipment with consideration for Environment
3.Utilization of used articles to save earth resources.
Concrete matters
1.For environment friendliness and customer satisfaction:
@a)Contribution to environment and customer requirement
@b)Concrete measures for Halogen-free and Lead-free
2.For earth environment:
@a)Reduce office supplies usage and save energy and water
@b)Reduce and manage materials, parts and natural resource related items
@c)Sort industrial waste and recycle
Environmental management is based on the above and include the followings.
Formed a committer for ISO14000 and appointed the chairman.
The chairman is responsible for establishing the environmental management system to comply with ISO14000.
U.The organization reviews the above management system regularly and seek improvement when necessary, and report to the board of directors and make final decision.
V.Familiarize all employees with the environmental policy in all occasions.