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OEM/EMS Service

Feature of OEM/EMS service
Reliability test service

Feature of OEM/EMS service

OEM/EMS service includes parts procurement, functional testing, packing, shipping, maintenance and services. ADAMS contributes to the smooth transition from prototyping, debugging and reliability test to production of the final product.
ADAMS reduces the development
time from prototype
to production.
Since all manufacturing processes
are done in-house, problems if any,
can be tracked down and fixed promptly.

Reliability test service

Reliability test such as electrostatic amount test(contacted/air, conductivity/non-operational),
thermal/moisture stress test(thermal shock,
temperature/moisture cycle test),
chassis durability test (pressure, vibration test), and print evaluation (abrasion, chemical abrasion)
CE Marking, JATE, VCCI Certificate acquisition support, EMC/EMI measurement support