PWB Corporation

Design of PCB for electronics appliances was our beginning. JapaneseEnglish
Policy & Vision

What We Do

Since starting the business in 1978,we have expanded our business field in order to respond to the many different needs of our customers. We will develop our business collectively regarding PCB,from software design and hardware design to fabrication and packaging.
System development More
・Software Design
・Hardware Design
・Case Design
・Mock design product
・Assembly and Wiring
・Debug/Functional Test
・Reliability Test and Noise Test
PCB Design More
・Schematic Design
・High Frequency Line Analysis
・Power Supply Circuit
Fabrication More
・Double Sided/Multi Layer PCB
・High Layer Count PCB
・Stacked Via/Build-up PCB
・Controlled Impedance PCB
・High Aspect Ratio PCB
・Lead Free Solder applied, Non halogen PCB
・Halogen Free
Assembly More
・0402/0201 Chip Packaging Assembly
・CSP/BGA, Flip-chip Assembly
・Wire Bonding
・CSP/BGA Rework
・Component Procurement
Software and related More
・Business application development
・Database construction
・Network construction
・Translation and Document production
Off-shore procurement More
・Part Procurement
・Electronics Manufacturing Services.