PWB Corporation

Design of PCB for electronics appliances was our beginning. JapaneseEnglish
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Corporate name PWB corporation
Head Office 1530-31 Yabase-cho,Kusatsu-shi,Shiga,Japan 525-0066
tel+81-77-562-7686(Main line) @FAX+81-77-562-8166
Company Establishment December, 1982
Capital \99,750K
Major Business Operations Printed Circuit Board Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Retail, Software/Hardware System Development, OEM/EMS, Maintenance Service, Database Management, Translation,
Off-shore procurement and Retail, Technical Personnel Services
Employees 147(Full-time Employee 142)
Banks The Mizuho Bank,ltd., Kusatsu branch office
The Shiga Bank,ltd., Kusatsu branch office
The Kyoto Chuo Shin-kin Bank, Kusatsu branch office
Accounting term August 31
Business Office Shiga/Kusatsu Office, Shiga/Moriyama Office, Mie/Mie Factory, Kanagawa/Tokyo office, CA, USA/ PWB America, Inc.
Company Executive
President Yutaka Nishimura
Executive Managing Director/
Manager,Manufacturing Headquarters
Shuichi Kikuchi
Manager,Administrative Headquarters
Yoshihisa Yabuta
Director/ Manager of a Sales Headquarters Seiji Kamemura
Director, Secretary's office Manager Keiko Nishimura
Director Takahiro Nishimura