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Design of PCB for electronics appliances was our beginning. JapaneseEnglish
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President  Yutaka Nishimura "Human & environment Friendly" is our corporate slogan. We strive to be the corporation that has a challenging spirit and is always seeking for improvements to satisfy our "Customers" "Organization" and "Employees"
We started off as a PCB design company, but now we have the capability to do all processes, namely design, fabrication and assembly in house.
Broadband Network at home and Mobile Network have made Cell Phones, Personal Computers, and Digital Home Appliances more familiar to us than ever before in our daily lives.

For the coming ubiquitous era, we will contribute to the prosperity of the society with our 20+ years of manufacturing experiences in Information Technology, Digital Appliances, Semiconductor, and Automobile Industry, We are always innovating our services in Design, Fabrication and Assembly.

President Yutaka Nishimura