PWB Corporation

Design of PCB for electronics appliances was our beginning. JapaneseEnglish
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Sep. 1978 Starts sole proprietorship PCB Design in Kohata,Uji city.
Dec. 1982 Established PWB Corporation with the capital of 2 million yen.
Mar. 1985 Transferred the Head Office to Kusatsu, Shiga.
Mar. 1986 Increased the capital to 8 million yen.
May 1988 Increased the capital to 18 million yen.
Jan. 1990 Established Tokyo sales office in Ota-ku, Tokyo, and started PCB design.
Aug. 1993 Established PCB Mie factory in Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie.
Dec.1995 Established Hanna sales office in Kitanagai-cho, Nara, and started PCB design.
May. 1996 Increased the capital to 48 million yen.
Feb. 1998 Transferred Tokyo sales office to Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki city, and changed the names of Tokyo and Hanna sales offices to Tokyo and Hanna business offices respectively.
Sep. 2001 Established PWB America, Inc.
With the capital of $600,000 and started PCB design in US.
Mar. 2002 Mie Factory Acquired ISO9002 Certification (JQA-QM7999)
Aug. 2003 Moriyama Office was opened to meet the Business Expansion for System Development, Assembly & Wiring.
Dec. 2003 Company-Wide Acquired ISO9001-2000 (JQA-QM7999) certification
Jan. 2004 Received Warrant Bond from Venture Capital
Jan. 2004 Increased the capital to 63 million yen.
Jun. 2005 Increased the capital to 99.75 million yen by the third party new stock allocation
Feb. 2006 Received private placement bond from Mizuho Bank
Apr. 2006 Mie Factory Acquired ISO14000 Certification (JQA-EM5318)
Aug. 2006 Established Fukuoka business office in Yukuhashi, Fukuoka,
and started PCB design.
Oct. 2006 Started Technical Personnel Services.
Oct. 2009 Transferred Hanna business office to Honmachi,Moriguchi City,and changed the name of Hanna bussiness office to Osaka business office.
Oct. 2009 Company-Wide Acquired ISO9001-2008(JQA-QM7999) certification.
Apr. 2012 Fukuoka Office was closed.
Jun. 2017 Osaka Office was closed.